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  • Transportation




    Streets around our school are often very congested during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. To help keep our students safe, we need you to do your part by slowing down and following traffic safety laws.  

    30 km/h school zones

    Starting September 2, 2015 a lower speed limit in school zones came into effect in Edmonton. You must slow downto 30km/h around schools between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on school days where signs are present. 

    Speed limits will be strictly enforced by both the Edmonton Police Service and the City of Edmonton’s Office of Traffic Safety during posted hours.

    General safety reminders

    • Remain courteous and patient
    • Drive slowly and watch for students crossing the road
    • Abide all traffic signs and laws
    • Use designated crosswalks
    • Respect school staff and volunteers assisting with drop-off and pick-up
    • Park further away from the school and walk the rest of the way
    • Use Edmonton Transit or other ways to get to school (walk, ride a bike or roll!)

    For information about getting to school, visit epsb.ca/schools/gettoschool.


    As always, yellow bus service only supports elementary students attending their primary designated school.   

    Service for Elementary Students

    • Regular program service
    Yellow bus service is only provided to elementary students at their primary designated school.

    • Alternative program service 
    Yellow bus service may also be available for elementary students who choose to attend a school offering an alternative program. Contact a school offering the program for information about eligibility.

    Service for Junior High Students

    Edmonton Transit System (ETS) is the preferred way for junior high students to get to school. 

    Ride times

    Minimizing ride times for students is our highest priority. We’ll work to make sure yellow bus service is as efficient as possible and meets the District’s ride time standards. We’ll also continue our ongoing work with the City of Edmonton to discuss how to best provide efficient ETS service for district students.

    Bus passes

    Students who receive bus service must buy a bus pass. Yellow bus, and subsidized ETS passes, can be purchased at your child’s school each month. 

    Applying for yellow bus service

    To ensure your child receives yellow bus service on the first day of school, you must apply before the May deadline.  Contact your child’s school for a yellow bus service application form.  If your child has been approved for yellow bus service, you’ll be notified in mid-August with the route number, stop locations, pick up and drop off times and bus company contact information.  Transportation will not be provided to students living in the school's neighbourhood walk boundary.

    Step 1: Submit an application for yellow bus service. Applications are available in the school office.

    Step 2: Return your completed application form to the school your child is currently attending by the posted May deadline.

    When you have been approved, you will receive a letter from Student Transportation on Schoolzone before August 25th with the following information:

    • Yellow bus route number
    • Bus company contact information
    • Pickup and drop off schedules and stop locations

    More information:

    Parents' Guide to Yellow Bus Service
    Contact Student Transportation:
    Website: http://transportation.epsb.net Phone: 780-429-8585

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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    Florence Hallock School is an inclusive environment whose focus is student and adult learning.  Our students and staff have ample opportunities to develop positive relationships in a safe, caring and respectful environment.  We maximize the portential of all our students by removing barriers to their learning.  We share in the responsibility for transitioning them through the completion of high school to the world of work or post secondary education with our partner catchment schools.  Our instructional focus is to have all our students demonstrate greater understanding, become engaged in their learning and display their independence as learners by making their thinking visible.  (Problem solving in a variety of contexts, communicating effectively and understanding how to learn).

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It is our goal to provide our very diverse group of students with exceptional opportunities to grow as individuals, and to grow together as a group. This can only be accomplished through the combined efforts of an exemplary staff, and supportive and informed parents, who, together, hold common expectations for appropriate student conduct and student learning.

We will continue to challenge students to be the best that they can be; to accept their own and others' strengths and weaknesses; to celebrate success, and to see mistakes not as failure, but as an essential part of the learning process; to be accountable for their conduct and the development of positive relationships with others; and to assume their rightful responsibilities as learners.  Student Rights and Responsibilities‌ document.

Throughout the school year we will create opportunities for our families to participate in meetings, celebrations, after school activies and special days at school.  Parents and students will receive these communications through Schoolzone.

Florence Hallock School has been modeled around being environmentally friendly both with the structure of the building itself and the many practices that our teachers and students have put into place to ensure that we support our environment as well. With this goal in mind, please remember to check Schoolzone regularly—passwords are sent out in September for all parents to access Schoolzone for each child in the family. It is very important that you have current and valid email addresses in your child's demographic file so that you will receive notice of postings relative to your children at the school. SchoolZone gives you access to school information, report cards, attendance, as well as specific classroom information for each of your children. If you require assistance with this, please contact the school office.


Tanis Marshall